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Timehop Uncovers Data Breach Affecting 21 Million Users

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Timehop, a popular app for sharing memories, uncovered a security breach that affected the personal data of 21 million users. On July 4, hackers accessed names, email addresses, dates of birth, users’ genders, country codes and phone numbers.

Macy’s Customer Accounts Breached for Two Months

Macy’s has sent letters to customers warning them that a cyber threat targeted customers’ online account information for nearly two months. On June 11, Macy’s cyber threat alert tools uncovered the attack on and customer accounts and blocked the compromised profiles.

Adidas Data Breach Affects Customers Contact Information, Usernames, Passwords

Adidas is alerting “a few million” customers who made purchases on its U.S. website about a potential data breach where hackers could have accessed some of their personal information. The data includes contact information, usernames and encrypted passwords.

Freezing Your Credit Will Soon Be Free

The U.S. Congress has made placing or removing a Credit Freeze with TransUnion®, Equifax® and Experian® free for all consumers. The federal Credit Freeze legislation also requires that the three credit bureaus expedite consumer requests to freeze their credit reports.

BJC HealthCare Reveals Data Storage Server Access

The personal information of 33,420 patients of BJC HealthCare was exposed to the Internet for seven months, the St. Louis-based healthcare company stated in a March press release.

Healthcare Breaches Down But Incidents Up in 2017

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Over 5.5 million health records for patients were breached last year, a significant drop from 2016, according to a report by Protenus, a company that provides an artificial intelligence platform used by health systems and academic medical centers to analyze their medical record systems.

2017 Breaches That Stole Headlines

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Equifax, Yahoo, Verizon, Dun & Bradstreet, Gmail – and even the IRS. These are just a few of the major data breaches that stole headlines, eroded consumer confidence, and put companies and government agencies on high alert in 2017.